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Instructions of Ubibot Probes Connection



  • davis76

    I have 4 Ubibot WS-1 units.  2 units have external temperature probes.

    I have trouble keeping these probes connected to the UbiBot Control panel.

    They will show a past temperature but are grayed out.  If I unplug and replug

    in the probe becomes active, however only for a short time.  Is there a resolution 

    to this?


  • alagranfungi

    I have the same problem, the temperature and humidity probe RS485 are grayed out. One unit shows  a past temperature and the other unit shows me 0%

  • AzelisAmericas

    Me also.

  • AzelisAmericas

    After even buying and replacing a probe due to this, I found the solution somewhere in settings.   

    It's been awhile but look under Device Management or Data Management when you are in a device.  Make sure the switches are set to yes that should be.


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